October 2, 2014

More than one million people viewed our Game of Thrones VFX breakdown on Vimeo. This reel shows “before and after” for some of the 150 shots that we created for the 4th season of this acclaimed TV series. Rodeo FX first participation to the cult series was also recently rewarded with an Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Visual Effects” category.

In addition to creating the city of Meereen – the largest and greatest of the three great city-states of Slaver’s Bay-, Rodeo FX generated in CG the massive army that attacks it, conceived a series of spectacular matte paintings, and created a zombie-horse, among other visual effects shots.

Broadcasted by HBO last spring, the 10-episode series reached more than 7 million viewers weekly in United States only, a record audience. The 5th season is currently being shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland, among other filming locations.