Our team had the great pleasure of attending FMX 2019 in Stuttgart last week and taking part in a fantastic week of conferences, panels and meeting awesome people at our recruitment booth.

Thomas Hullin, Head of Rodeo FX Munich, kicked-off the week of conferences, revealing the magic behind our simulations in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald to a full-house on the first day of FMX.

Thomas also shared our experience creating high-end VFX for television along with Shawn Walsh (Image Engine), Niklas Jacobson (Important Looking Pirates) and Paul Schleicher (axisVFX) at a panel on the same day.

Meanwhile, our booth was packed from opening to closing every day, giving our recruiters the chance to meet interesting artists from all over Europe and to share the exciting projects and opportunities at our global studios.  

We look forward to the 25th anniversary of FMX next year -- see you there!


Photo courtesy of FMX © Dominique Brewing and Luzie Marquardt