We celebrated Earth Day with a special presentation by Recyc-Quebec at our studio on Friday. The presentation focused on giving our team members easy tricks to be green at work and at home every day. 

These are some of the ways we are committed to doing our part:

• We give our used ink cartridges to the MIRA organization, which uses them to finance its activities by selling them to recycling companies.

• Used electronics and batteries are brought into a drop off center to be recycled.

• We are replacing all our light bulbs with LEDs that consume less energy.

• We ensure that all lights are turned off at the end of each day.

• Rodeo recycles all beer bottles and cans.

• Domestic and construction wastes are sorted to be better recycled.

• Rodeo FX mobile and our corporate condos are at walking distance from our studios, reducing communiting.

• We encourage public transport and biking with our corporate advantages program, our bike maintenance day and interior racks.

• We encourage our team to eat local by serving as a private Lufa Farm pick up point.

• Rodeo FX is part of a BCTQ green project that studies the cinema industry's carbon footprint.