Our congratulations to Jean-François “Jafaz” Ferland and the whole Alchemy 24 team who won an Iris Trophy at the Gala Artisans Quebec this past March 29th.

The quality of their work on Robin Aubert’s horror movie, Ravenous, was rewarded ; Alchemy 24 was also nominated for their work on Francois Leclerc’s Barefoot at Dawn and Robert Morin’s Le Problème d’infiltration.

This zombie movie has been the major winner of the annual celebration of Quebec cinema, taking home 8 awards including “Best Picture” and “Best Direction” at Gala Quebec Cinema on June 3rd.

Photos credits :
Charles Belisle sur facebook @belisle.pro
Dominique Viau de BODÖUM Photographie sur facebook @bodoumphotographie.
Vivien Gaumand de Vi Photographie sur facebook @viphotographie.