April 3, 2017

Following our participation on the third season of Black Sails, Rodeo FX is proud to have joined these pirates for their last season. It was also a pleasure to work again with VFX supervisor Erik Henry and VFX producer Terron Pratt.

The Rodeo FX team, supervised by Martin Lipmann (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) created 87 shots. The work focused largely on the recreation of an 18th century version of Havana, including a fully CG environment – the entire city, the ocean, the beach and vegetation – created for the scene where the Revenge vessel approaches Havana. To reinforce the Spanish presence in the city, the team of artists created an impressive fortress and cannons.

The major change from the previous season was the transition from 2D matte paintings to fully CG environments. This allowed more freedom with the camera movements, more accurate lighting and a wider diversity of landscapes. 

The series concluded yesterday with the broadcast of the last episode on Starz.