November 17, 2016

The Rodeo FX team won its third consecutive HPA Awards for Game of Thrones in the “Outstanding Visual Effects – Television” category. This award follows a third Emmy Award won earlier this year for Outstanding Special Visual Effects. The VFX team, led by HBO’s Supervisor Joe Bauer and Producer Steve Kullback, was rewarded for their work on “The Battle of the Bastards”, the ninth and perhaps most memorable episode in Season 6.

Matthew Rouleau, Head of 3D and VFX Supervisor at Rodeo FX, Marie Côté, Head of Global Communications and Business Development, Deak Ferrand, Art Director and Senior Matte Painter and Cheryl Bainum, executive Producer were at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles to receive the award last night.

Rodeo FX produced 152 visual effects shots for eight episodes on season 6 of HBO’s popular TV series. The studio’s work included a pivotal battle scene at the gates of the full CG city of Meereen, flaming cannonballs catapulted into Meereen’s buildings, created CG smoke, particles, sails, water, and fire. Digital matte painting of the sky, mountains, and cliffs completed the scene.

The Hollywood Professional Association Awards recognizes, since 2006, the achievement of talent, innovation and engineering excellence in the professional media content industry.

The other winners of the 2016 HPA Awards can be found on the HPA’s website.

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