February 5, 2017

Through stunning visual effects, Rodeo FX makes life on Mars and interplanetary space travel a reality in the feature film The Space Between Us.

Directed by Peter Chelsom, The Space Between Us tells the story of a young man raised by scientists on Mars who travels to Earth to search for his father.

Rodeo FX produced all the of the movie’s visual effects, completing 323 shots. The studio created multiple spaceships and launch sequences, planets and space environments, and gave Mars a uniquely diverse, but credible appearance.

“The challenge was to create a believable environment in a movie that is not VFX-oriented, so everything had to be perfectly seamless,” said Eric Bruneau, VFX producer at Rodeo FX. “And we are very happy with the result.”

The Rodeo FX team handled other challenging sequences such as the creation of a photoreal space launch where the spaceship is seen up close leaving the earth; and the integration of many other CG shots such as Mars environment, and habitats evolving through the years on the red planet.

Produced and distributed by STX Entertainment, The Space Between Us opened in theatres on February 3rd.