In my high school grad yearbook, in answer to the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”, I answered with certainty, “next to Steven Spielberg”.

After six years of working in sports, everything unexpectedly changed at a party. For two years, I had been working seven days, and more than 80 hours, every week. Needless to say, my love of the sport was crumbling visibly, and I was ready for a change. This is when a friend mentioned over cocktails that her company was looking for someone matching my profile.

The opportunity was in the visual effects industry, a field I had exactly zero experience in. But I loved the cinema, and, having a tendency to jump into action instead of dwelling in reflection, I accepted the challenge. Not knowing anything about visual effects, my journey began with learning that a compositor is not a musician, and, long story short, I became a producer at Rodeo FX.

The first part of my career in VFX took place in Montreal, maintaining client relations, from initial evaluation through to final delivery, on projects like Now You See Me and Source Code, and managing the projects’ budgets and schedules.

I loved my job and enjoyed Montreal, but being a girl from Quebec at heart, I constantly felt drawn home. Yielding to the irrepressible desire in early 2014, on a whim that would prove fateful, my significant other, Martin, and I sold our Montreal condo, left our jobs and moved to Quebec.

Less than a month after our move, the stars lined up and an unexpected call on a Monday turned into a contract signed on Friday: Rodeo FX Quebec was taking off! Not an insignificant bonus: Martin became director of the studio.

We worked hard, starting by assembling furniture, painting walls, recruiting the first members of the team and establishing technical and organizational structures. We worked hard to build a studio that would make Rodeo FX’s President, and our boss, Sébastien Moreau confident and proud.

We are now more than 50 employees, growing to 80! We are proud of the work we do every day and proud to be part of such a humane company. The Quebec studio has maintained a family atmosphere while participating in bigger and more exciting projects. The team is tight, the artists are friends. It makes a huge difference to the atmosphere at work and the desire to perform. It goes without saying that the industry has its share of hours (yes, I do not get away with it!), but team spirit works miracles. And being able to do what you love in such a unique city is even better.

Quebec has a special flavor: with its people, nature, food, history and its rhythm, which is always a few heartbeats below that of the metropolis. It is often said that it is a big village, and I find this comparison as sympathetic as it is comforting. With a multitude of outdoor opportunities, be it summer or winter, and an engaging urban life, one can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Even better, Rodeo FX allows us at the same time to collaborate with the cream of the cream of clients while continuing to offer us a healthy environment — work-life balance, happy hours on Fridays, going out to the movies to watch the fruits of our labor, etc. — and countless opportunities to celebrate our successes (party!).

It’s been over 18 years (ouch!) since my high school graduation, and while I’m still not “next to Steven Spielberg” I am in his world, loving what I do.

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