The pandemic prevented us from getting together for our traditional parties, but we still found a way to create some holiday cheer this season with our Rodeo-Oh-Oh Activity Day. We couldn’t physically be together, but our goal for the day was to infuse the teams with holiday spirit by bringing laughter, rest, and the chance to get to know each other better outside of work. 


We wanted to share some memories of the day, so here’s a little recap:

First, every (ok, most of the) employees got a bag at their doorstep with everything they needed for the day…

Our day started off on the right foot with an opening speech from our President, Sebastien Moreau for a cheers on Zoom! Followed by our long time Rodeo FX tradition – coffee with a touch of Baileys with Isabelle Langlois, VP Production!

Then every team let loose their creativity through silly team building activities. Here’s some of the top creations:

After lunch we had an activity: Trivia game, movie with popcorn, poker or Among Us! Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

And then did aerobics and dance like it was 1985!

Just before our Christmas party [email protected], everyone got dressed up to join everyone on Zoom for our Rodeo “Movie of the Year” screening! 

Thank you all & Happy Holidays everyone!

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