Project Info

Release Date: December 31st, 2019


Concept & Production

Lune Rouge

Show Director

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont

Creative Director

Jean Guibert

Creative Director of Video Content

Janicke Morissette

Visual Content Studio

Silent Partners Studio

Rodeo FX Crew

Executive Producer

Eric Bolduc

VFX Producer

Élise Voyer

CG Supervisor

Mathieu Goulet-Aubin

Through the Echoes™ is a multimedia show presented inside the PY1 Pyramid. It is a technological and emotional odyssey through space and time. Surrounded by lasers, 360° projections, kinetic aerial stage elements, atmospheric special effects, grandiose lightscapes and powerful sound, spectators are left to explore the pyramid in a dream-like experience.

We were  tagged by Silent Partners Studio to create the environments of the final chapter of this 50-minute show. The last part of this vibrant journey is made of a mysterious and playful forest, fully-CG and in very high resolution (16K), designed to be in harmony with the 25-metres pyramidal space, that can welcome up to 1000 people.