Project Info

Release Date: November 25th, 2018

In anticipation of its 100th anniversary, Canadian coffee roaster Van Houtte unveiled the second part of its marketing campaign Master Roaster. Master of Coffee, produced by Sid Lee.

The video clip, available in 6 and 15 seconds versions on TV and on-demand video services, showcases professional longboarder Lofti Lamaali doing a number of elaborate tricks at Montreal’s Old-Port Promenade, but appearing like Van Houtte’s Master Roaster, thanks to post-production.

Our Advertising team’s work includes compositing, practical shooting and head replacement on two shots. Perfectly matching the head and body with the camera and the stuntman movements, without the use of CG, required surgical precision. Thanks to our partner MOM Industries, we were able to shoot the elements we needed to make it flawless.