Project Info

Release Date: May 13th, 2021







Executive Producer

Marc-Antoine Lambert


Audrée-Anne Prieur


Patrick Boivin

Audio Producer

Mélissa Roux

Offline Editor

Jean-Pierre Demers


Benoît Côté

Sound Designer & Mix

Olivier Rivard

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Érik Gagnon


Marie-Josée Huot


Saul Rodriguez

Nicolas Pellicelli

Camille Potvin

Visual Effects 3D

Ricardo Solter

Simon Bussière

Concept Artist

Florence Durante

For a greener, more ecological and sustainable world of tomorrow, Hydro-Québec and LG2 have launched the Énergie en commun campaign.

BLVD-MTL / Rodeo FX were commissioned to produce the audiovisual campaign, visual effects (3D, compositing, coloring, online and offline editing) and sound. The challenge was to create realistic elements that resemble Quebec’s landscapes. The shoot was quite a challenge for the crew who had to shoot summer scenes in February! Find out in more about what’s behind the visual effects of this impressive campaign:

In the foreground, we removed the snow from the roof of the house and added leaves to the trees to turn the shot from winter to summer!

The car in which the actress sits is a real car, while the one lifted by the hand is a reduced model. We’ve tweaked things on both to make them look like one car. The sky serves as a transition between the two planes, also created in VFX.

The plant shot was originally shot in the winter in a field. This environment has been almost entirely remade virtually in matte painting. The factory did not exist, it was created from scratch, as well as the smoke that emanates from it and is sucked in.

The interior of the freezer has been completely created. The only real element is the woman who was shot separately and integrated. The mist it gives off was also added in FX. The walls of the freezer, the snow on the ground, the frost, the ice, everything is entirely in 3D.

Another great collaboration with the BLVD-MTL team!

VFX BreakDown