Project Info

Release Date: February 27th, 2020



Sailor Productions


Vallée Duhamel - Julien Vallée et Eve Duhamel



Sailor Productions

Rodeo FX Crew

Executive Producer

Eric Bolduc

VFX Producer

Elise Voyer

Vallée Duhamel chose Rodeo FX for the postproduction of its short film Glacier, showcased in more than 500 Apple stores world wide.

This conceptual and very original video was shot exclusively with the iPhone XS Max, with André Turpin acting as Director of Photography. Apple’s goal was to demonstrate to its users the creative potential of its camera.

We were closely involved from preproduction on this project, both artistically and technically., to fulfill this mandate. Our advertising team created the environment – the set extension of the glacier decor, the ocean and the sky – the compositing, the color grading and the online.