Project Info

Release Date: May 20th, 2021



Rodeo FX Crew


Pierre Dalpé (BLVD)

Executive Producer

Marc-Antoine Lambert (BLVD)

Agency Producer

Ariane Rondeau

Production Coordinator

Audrée-Anne Prieur (BLVD)

Artistic Direction

Jean François Clément

Production Manager

Nicolas Bérubé

Director of Photography

Ménad Kesraoui

VFX or POST-PROD producer

Emilie Debiasi (BLVD)

Offline editor

Guillaume Choquette

Online editor

Erik Gagnon (BLVD / RODEO)


Benoît Côté (BLVD)

Video assistant

Martin Pierret (BLVD)

The Rodeo FX team was behind the post-production of the DARE project, produced in the studio on two big sets and a long day’s work!

In terms of visual look, the goal was to create an authentic universe in both sets and costumes and we’re thrilled with how it turned out.

It was a big challenge to shoot with the bear costumes as we had to find people who were used to acting in mascot suits! The visual post-production team did an incredible matte painting to make us believe the bear is in a beautiful, sunny backyard while being filmed in the studio.

VFX BreakDown