Project Info

Release Date: November 30th, 2013

The OSM’s 80th Season ad campaign is a clever example of how our studio can use and share its creative power throughout its different departments. To launch the process, an animatic was produced in our new previsualization service. Then, with the help of our Concept Artists, we made it easy for Cossette to have a precise view of the Motion designers’ creative intentions. The production went underway with our Particle Specialists and was all comped in a linear image data type for the color grading session in Luster Premium suite. Even our Live Action VFX Unit chipped in graciously with lens flares for the shoot.

“It was efficient to use the film pipeline for this type of ad. The agency was thrilled when we proposed our pipeline, says André Ü Montambeault, Creative Director. Like film dailies, the approval steps were easy and even gave us time to be even more creative as we had immediate feedback,” Mr. Montambeault concluded.
The parallax addition to the Theater (a single image) and Conductor Kent Nagano’s 3D particle reproduction were very sensitive events for Maxime Landreville, the agency’s Art Director and for Thimalay Sukhaseum, the agency’s copywriter. They said, “The Computer Graphic & Motion Design departments have risen to the challenge and created fantastic transitions.”